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A Resource for Self-Education on
Race & Racism


About Charnise

Charnise Mangle is an extraordinary social studies teacher, literacy teacher and literacy coach. She has created a classroom where students can learn about United States History and the Constitution in a fun and creative way as she guides them on a journey of personal civic duty and community understanding. She believes she has been called to raise the next generation to become critical thinkers and people of progress. She now opens her classroom to all people who want to begin a journey of self-education, guided by a compiled set of resources she has curated.

As an African-American United States History teacher, Charnise Mangle has seen a void in education as it pertains to discussion on American racism. She has compiled this list of resources to help guide you on your journey of self-education about racism in America. 

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Discussing Race & Racism with Children Ages 0-6
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About Understanding Race & Racism in America

Learn more about Understanding Race & Racism in America as compiler Charnise Mangle explains her inspiration and process. Also learn more about how to study, apply, and grow using this resource.

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